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Hunting photography

Professionally Photographed and Filmed Hunts

Since each hunt is unique, please contact me for a quote.  

Travel Expenses (mileage/Flights/Lodging) must be covered.

Each day includes all edited images or Final Film


WFP_September 09, 2022-42.jpg
WFP_September 15, 2021_Sundance-12.jpg
WFP_September 04, 2021_Sundance-97.jpg
WFP_September 13, 2021_Sundance-73.jpg
WFP_September 16, 2021_Sundance-125.jpg
WFP_September 13, 2021_Sundance-64.jpg
WFP_September 06, 2021_Sundance-41.jpg
2018 November Phone Pics 311-1.JPG
WFP_September 13, 2021_Sundance-2.jpg
2018 November Phone Pics 175-1.JPG
WFP_September 20, 2021_Sundance-31.jpg
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