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Hunting photography

Professionally Photographed and Filmed Hunts

Since each hunt is unique, please contact me for a quote.  

Travel Expenses (mileage/Flights/Lodging) must be covered.

Each day includes all edited images or Final Film


WFP_September 09, 2022-42.jpg

Shooting Events

Hosting a Long Range Shooting Event and needing a Photographer to Cover it?  Let's Chat!

I will Cover your event so all of your contestants can see images of themselves and so that you have tons of new content for all your social media platforms for future advertising!

Contact me today for your quote!


WFP_June 03, 2023-1107.jpg

OUtdoor Branding

Are you an outdoor company looking for new branding images?  

Send me your products, I will photograph them being used and then send them back after each session.  Whether you need content of them in the mountains or out on the Ranch, I've got you covered!


WFP_September 13, 2021_Sundance-20.jpg
WFP_September 15, 2021_Sundance-12.jpg
WFP_September 04, 2021_Sundance-97.jpg
WFP_September 13, 2021_Sundance-73.jpg
WFP_September 16, 2021_Sundance-125.jpg
WFP_September 13, 2021_Sundance-64.jpg
WFP_September 06, 2021_Sundance-41.jpg
2018 November Phone Pics 311-1.JPG
WFP_September 13, 2021_Sundance-2.jpg
2018 November Phone Pics 175-1.JPG
WFP_September 20, 2021_Sundance-31.jpg
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