Hunting photography

Have you ever wanted to have high quality pictures of your hunts and harvested game but aren’t that great with a camera?  Don’t worry, leave the photography to me!

  • 1 Day: $500

  • 2 Days: $800

  • 3 Days: $1,200

  • 4 Days: $1,400

  • 5 Days: $1,600

  • $250 per day for additional days

Travel Expenses (mileage/Flights/Lodging) must be covered and are not included with the day price above.

Each day includes all edited images

if you don't see what you like, please feel free to contact me and i would be happy to combine a custom package for you!  I do realize that each hunt is a little bit different.  

WFP_September 04, 2021_Sundance-86.jpg
WFP_September 13, 2021_Sundance-73.jpg
WFP_September 15, 2021_Sundance-12.jpg
WFP_September 04, 2021_Sundance-97.jpg
WFP_September 13, 2021_Sundance-73.jpg
WFP_September 16, 2021_Sundance-125.jpg
WFP_September 13, 2021_Sundance-64.jpg
WFP_September 06, 2021_Sundance-41.jpg
2018 November Phone Pics 311-1.JPG
WFP_September 13, 2021_Sundance-2.jpg
2018 November Phone Pics 175-1.JPG
WFP_September 20, 2021_Sundance-31.jpg