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ABOUT Theresa

I grew up in Northern Wisconsin on a Farm and Ranch with a huge passion for the outdoors.  Hunting was in my blood before I even knew it, as my family owns a Hunting Lodge there.  I was often seen wandering around our ranch with a camera in my hand.  I felt the need to capture every inch of beauty that was there. 

My love for hunting and the mountains brought me west and I currently reside in Billings, Montana with my dog Rusty and horses Mixer, Brutus and Little Man.  

Since my roots run deep in the outdoors with farming, ranching, hunting and horses, they are some of my favorite subjects to photograph!  

Which brings me to Ranch Weddings!  I'm your Ultimate Ranch Wedding Photographer!  I know how to capture the rustic feel of the ranch while chasing that golden light we all love!  I love being a Ranch Wedding Photographer because I get to bring each one of my clients's lifestyles to life in every image I take!

Oh and if you have horses at your wedding, I guarantee you will not regret it!

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