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Wedding Tip Wednesday: How to Avoid Harsh/Direct sunlight during your ceremony

If ceremony pictures are important to you, please make sure you avoid direct/harsh sunlight during your ceremony.

Pro Tip: before you send out your invitation, go out to your ceremony location and make sure it is completely shaded where the two of you will be standing.

Photographers hate harsh light and shadows, so if you are getting married in the middle of the day, look for spots that are completely shaded.

Notice how i'm using the shaded side of these grain bins to get away from the harsh sunlight. This way no one has to squint or have that awkward sun or shadow on their face!

Find locations like these to get out of that harsh light near your wedding venue or ceremony spot.

The photo below had just a couple feet of shade on the north side, and it worked perfectly for all the wedding party shots and family shots.

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