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5 Tips for picking out your senior portrait location

Calling all Class of 2022 Seniors!!!

It's not to early to start thinking about where and when you want your Senior Pictures taken! Remember, you want them to show off WHO YOU truly are as an individual!

Here are 5 tips on figuring out where you want them taken!

1.) What are your hobbies? Do you like the outdoors, hiking, fishing, hunting, or going to the lake? Are you into cars or trucks, maybe even farm equipment?

2.) Do you have pets? I love incorporating pets in with my sessions so please, bring your pets! Whether it's horses, dogs or cats, even cows! I love photographing them all!

3.) Town or Country? Would you rather take your pictures against old brick buildings down an alley or side street, or out against an old wooden barn in the country? Or even a cabin out in the mountains?

4.) Do you play sports? Do you want to show off your letter jacket with some metals you won from track? Or bring your football and helmet and go out to the 20 yard line for pictures?

5.) Do you have any sentimental places you like to hang out? Whether it's your family's farm or ranch, down along the river at your favorite fishing spot, or out on a ridge overlooking a mountain canyon.

I hope these help start your planning process for a location and of some ideas of how you want your session to go! I love capturing everyone's lifestyle and who you truly are.

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