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Tiny Feet!

On Saturday I got to visit with one of my good friends I used to work with and she recently just had a baby! Little Connelly Leroy came into the world just under Three Weeks ago! He's such a cutie and a wiggle worm!

I arrived early to Mandi's home to get all of the props set up for the #newbornsession while Connelly was still sleeping. We had so many cute ideas, I just hoped we could bring it all to life! You just never know with newborns and how they can be. Some can be really good and others can be super fussy. I haven't had a lot of experience with newborns so it's always a challenge for me. Meanwhile, Mandi got him up from his nap and started feeding him and it seemed to take a long time to get him to go back to sleep after a clean diaper change and a full belly. I did take some photos while he was still awake but figured it would be best for him to fall back asleep to continue taking the rest.

Once he was sleeping good it was GO TIME! I first set him up in a bundle of lariat ropes with a #beltbuckle on top of a sheep's skin. OMG! This sheep hide was such a perfect addition to this shoot! I was looking for a fuzzy blanket and my one friend said she had this sheep hide and send a picture of it to me, I was in HEAVEN! I knew it was going to be PERFECT and just had to borrow it!

Next came a few pictures with him on his belly in an old wooden platter. Connelly isn't much for tummy time just yet so I had to be very quick when we had him laying like this.

I have seen so many images in the past with babies laying on the seat of the saddle and since Mandi and Clayton are ranchers, it was only natural for me to try it, and they just loved the idea so much. Well....little Connelly didn't LOVE it so much! lol. We tried a few times and just could never get him to lay still, and after the session was almost over we gave it one last try. Dad helped hold him and Connelly just wasn't having it laying on his tummy. He could lay on his side for a bit but without someone there holding him he would have just rolled right off. So we ended up scratching that idea.

And just as we were wrapping things up I got a great idea! Which it turned out to be one of the best ones yet I believe! I had this big galvanized tub/container and I thought if i could scrunch up the sheep hide and put it in that, and then lay little Connelly on top of that with a sage green silk scarf, oh it would look so heavenly and warm and cozy! Here are a few of them and he just laid there chilling!

These turned out to be some of my favorites! I just love all the warm cozy feels and textures of them! These last few shots made me feel so much more confident with how the session ended up!

Overall it was a long morning....4 hours to be exact, but these types of session are based off of baby's schedule. Sometimes they need to be rocked extra, or fed again with diaper changes in between sets. Regardless, it was still great catching up with Mandi and Clayton and you can just tell all the love they have for their first little one!

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