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Baby Savannah

I had the pleasure of going home to Wisconsin for a surprise birthday party for my dad and the whole family was able to be there. I just had to take some updated pictures of my niece Savannah as she is 10 months old already and just growing fast!

I wanted to incorporate something old/antiquey and my brother found this old chair in my Grandma's Attic. I remember when I was a child and she used to have these at her dinning room table. I don't know exactly where the chairs originally came from but I know they are old. So, to have my Niece holding onto this chair for support to stand, lets her have a little bit of Grandma's history as she will never get to meet her. Hopefully someday when she is older she will look back and smile, thinking that was my great grandma's chair! Oh, and the rock wall behind the chair, some of those rocks my grandma helped pick off the fields so that we could farm them.

She's such a happy smiley baby! Hopefully she takes that with her through life.

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